Day 12-Narcissist are Addicts!

Day 12

Narcissist are addicts!  They are addicted to narcissistic supply, to be sure.  But what else? As a result of their addictive nature, there are usually other addictions, alcohol, drugs, shopping, and reckless behavior including driving. This is known in physiological jargon as “comorbidity”; the presence of one or more additional disorders (or diseases) co-occurring with primary disease or disorder.  It is amazing the level of justification the narcissist employs.  Narcissist are quick to say, “Everyone drinks. Everyone gets high, I am a wine collector… I am successful, I am entitled to buy things. I can text and drive! ” For me, the awareness came slowly as the drinking patterns he showed initially, escalated over time.  I say showed me, because I believe he hid his drinking.  He knew I would not support the heavy drinking.  So by the time that good glass of wine turned into a bottle, and proceeded by or followed by two to four scotches EVERY night, I was neck deep in the narcissistic space.  He was so confident, and successful that he did not present like a common drunk…yet underneath the expensive suit, lived one Mr. Alcoholic-Narcissist.   Is your current or previous partner who you believe to be a narcissist an alcoholic, drug-addict, compulsive shopper, or a workaholic?  

Your assignment

What if any were the secondary addictions? Did he-she initially hide this behavior? Did you enable or turn a blind eye to his-her bad behaviors?


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