Day 13

You are doing great!  You finished almost two weeks of NO CONTACT. Stay NO CONTACT!   Narcissist are predators, stay out of their hunting ground.  If you are accessible, they will ENJOY hurting you.  They will ENJOY flaunting a new relationship, a new job, anything is fair game to get a reaction out of you. Your reaction, your hurt, is like their food.

The free falling slowed down, but it is still very hard to fight the random recurring thoughts.  I ask myself over and over again Why was loving me so hard for him? Loving him came so easy to me.  He was so eager to throw me away; for what? What could I have done better?  It is easy to slip back into the FANTASY of “this is a normal person.” That this was a normal relationship.  It is hard to remember, I am dealing with a person that delights in hurting me.  He is like a tornado.  It is his nature to destroy the people closest to him.  There are many reasons to feel sorry for the narcissist, but the time to feel bad for him is NOT today.  The only way to protect myself is to keep a no contact, no nonsenses distance between me and him.  I am continuing my commitment to therapy.  I am working hard at both gyms.  I am writing, researching, and reclaiming the respect of my family and friends by keeping myself out of the narcissistic space!

Your Assignment

Stay NO CONTACT! Do not think about re-entering the narcissistic space. No good will come from it.  Continue with the list.  As time and distance from him passes, more instances surfaces.  Do not be afraid to go back and add to your lists.  Remember NO CONTACT! NO CONTACT! NO CONTACT!


4 thoughts on “Day 13- NO CONTACT!

  1. I am on day 13, after 6 years of purest hell. I identify with each and every aspect of the posts of yours I have read so far. I am not going to cheat and read ahead by more than one day. Many thanks for your posts, although I know this time us now in the past for you, reading these on a daily basis will help remind me that I am on a forward path which has been trodden before


    • I am so sorry, you had to experience such a nasty relationship. I hope you are out and maintaining NO CONTACT! (if possible). While in therapy and doing my own research, I learned ONE thing for CERTAIN… we are NOT alone! Trying to understand the powerful reaction I experienced at the hands of my childhood “sweet-heart” (narcissist) revisited, I can assure you without reservation…we are not alone! It is how we use these shared experiences and move forward that will determine the next part of our lives. From the moment we have clarity, it is a responsibility and victory! I am happy that my experience brings you comfort. I am grateful for your comments. Stay Strong and stay out! All the Best;)


      • Thank you. I am fortunate (unfortunate?) enough that there is a restraining order in place and a court date pending, these things help to ensure the no contact. From him at least. Everytime my pity resurfaces and I feel I might weaken I just read another blog from somewhere, anywhere, and remember that he will not and cannot change. At the moment I’m mostly sad, but that’s about it.


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