Day 15- Who am I Still Obsessing Over?

Day 15

The cyclone manifest out of perfect conditions.  Called forth into existence, the cyclone expresses little judgment or understanding for it nature.  It is what it is.  The cyclone projects no empathy for the wreckage it leaves behind.  The cyclone has no love for the people it annihilates.  Some people may find cyclones exciting, interesting to study.  However it is difficult to withstand the wake of its fury unscathed. The cyclone experiences no guilt, remorse, not a second thought for those sucked up into its wrath. The cyclone says unto itself, it is not my fault I am what I am!  After all I was called into this powerful being by the very landscape that now complains about my very existence.  The cyclone turns into a heavy storm even after it dies.  This was my life with my narcissist.

Your assignment

Try to imagine and write about your narcissist as a force of nature.  What were some of the dynamics; lightning, thunder, earthquakes?  


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