Day 17- Know When Friends and Family Cannot Take Your Obsessing, and Stop.

Day 17

My love life has been the topic of most of my conversation with friends and family for far too long.  I know everyone is happy I finally ended the relationship.  I know they all see a difference.  I feel a difference.  The stress of keeping it together while being mind-twisted is over!  Still I miss the IDEA of what might have been.  I am fighting with reclaiming reality over fantasy.  This is not an easy battle.  Leaving is easy.  Healing, maintaining discipline, and staying grounded in reality is a struggle.  However harrowing, this is my struggle.  The good news is I have developed a good relationship foundation with my therapist.  I have changed the everyday dynamics of my life.  I am studying, journalizing, exercising and getting back to the business of living my life.  I think this is a good start.

Your Assignment

Remember this your issue.  Friends and family may lose their patience.  It is not that they are uncaring, or empathetic, they simply will not understand the obsessing.  You might hear things like “it is only a man, it just a relationship.”  This is why I say it is important to find a qualified therapist or support group to help you understand your part in this really toxic relationship dance.  Limit your conversation about the relationship.  Try to open yourself up to other topics of conversation.  Be mindful that while others can and want to support you, that there is a fair limit of what friends and family can tolerate.


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