Day 19 Change Your Habits-Change Your life

Day 19

Change your habits, change your life.  The time for change is now! I realized I had to make substantial changes.  In the first two weeks, I ran to therapy almost three times a week. I joined a boxing gym.  I am now at day 19, attending therapy twice a week.  I committed to boxing classes, five nights a week for the next three months.  I am feeling far more in control.  My therapist has indicated that I have a long road ahead of me.  Getting out of the emotional purgatory of narcissistic abuse is my challenge.  Life is a habit, and I am determined to break the habit of loving people who continue to hurt me.

Your Assignment

Change you habits, and change your life.  Do something different.  Make a list of five people you know that you might like to get to know better.  Invite one of these people out for coffee, to see a movie, to work out together, a walk, or bowling are some examples, just to give you ideas.  As you allow yourself to get to know other people, try to NOT talk about your past relationship.  Take a class.  Join a reading group.  Try a different restaurant or coffee house.  Get up ten minutes earlier and read.  Go to bed earlier so you can wake up rested.  Feel yourself gaining control over yourself… you can amlost think of it as emotional dieting.  


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