Day 20 Take the Day Off!

Day 20

With the help of a very good girlfriend, I realized I need to take the day off!! I need a reprieve from the postmortem relationship analysis. This is not easy.  In all honesty, I cannot manage the idea of a full day. So I am going to take a few hours.  A day trip to the mall, and lunch with a friend.  This is probably the most normal thing I have done for a while.   I had to work very hard NOT to think about my narcissist or even bring it up again in conversation. Just like going to the gym, I had to discipline myself NOT to think about him.  I had a really nice afternoon, but it was exhausting!

Your Assignment

Take the day off!! Allow yourself a reprieve from the post mortem relationship analysis. This might not come easy.  If you cannot manage the idea of a full day, take an hour and work to self-discipline yourself NOT to think about your narcissist, but in the future mentally plan for a full day off.  Write a poem. Read a fictional book. Watch a funny movie. Go out have lunch/dinner with a friend. Be kind and loving to yourself.  This is a process.  Like any other kind of process, you will take one step forward and two steps back.  Realize and embrace your ability to control yourself.

modern narcissism painting


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