Day 45 Half way to 90…Time is Really on Your Side!

However precious, to you, time is irrelevant for the narcissist.  As we have discovered and discussed, the narcissist lives in a world of fantasy. He is a made up character, playing a part in his own twisted story. You and I are minor characters, interchangeable readers on his stage. While the center figure, (the narcissist) may look different as people do, their character and stories seems to be very similar.   The narcissist’s “tale”  is a three act play, and I have found that research substantiates, which opens with idealization, continues with devaluation and ends with… ta, ta  taaahhh the discard!  The narcissist relates to reality by means of this false-self, that is by definition a fabricated narrative, an artificial placeholder, actually suffocating what little remains of a person that might have been.  If we believe the research and respect the scientific method used to obtain the research about narcissism, then it makes sense, that time is as irrelevant to the narcissist as reality itself.  So while time may not be important to the narcissist, TIME is the MOST IMPORTANT asset each of us non-narcissists wields.  When I began my journey, 90 days turned into a much longer, richer experience. Time is on my side only if I remain resolute about change, and moving on with your non-narcissist life. While there is so much more to know about the narcissist and the why of it all, there is also so much more to uncover from within each of our own hearts.  If you have managed to go no contact for 45 days, congratulations! You are 45 days addiction free of a powerful human toxin.  That is 45 days closer to NORMAL.

Day 45 Your Assignment

This is a time of reflection. Congratulate yourself and realize that if you have you have now managed 45 days of NO CONTACT, and if not just keep trying.  As always, if you need help, I say the help of a licensed therapist is so valuable and important as you work your way out of the narcissistic fog.  Together, therapy, your own research, journaling, friends old and new are all life lines out of a pattern of abusive relationships!


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