Day 53 Ancora Imparo!!

Day 53 

Michelangelo is noted for saying “Ancora Imparo” which means Still I am learning. What a great reminder, that mistakes are simply a point on the learning curve! Every attempt gives a chance for continued improvement, that you are always ancora imparo! Mastering the experiences of continued learning… “now that’s amore”!! Lol One of the best things that came out of my childhood revisited narcissist business was, and is the opportunity to claim and examine my own vulnerabilities. It has given me hope that if I do the work, I may have an opportunity for a better future.  So what I am trying to say is that for each of us left in the fetal position, sucking our thumbs and rocking in the post narcissist dark…this a new day!  The supports and insights of today give real insight to both the narcissist and the codependent.  I wonder if had these resources been available to me as a young girls, what direction my life might have gone! Luckily, for all of us, it is not too late as we are all still able to embrace the ideal of “still I am learning…”


Day 53 Your assignment

Imagine you had no real clue or insights into narcissism.  Imagine no support in a place where others were too embarrassed to share their stories. Think about all the people who went on for years believing they were miserable failures and it was ALL their fault when it wasn’t!  It is important for me, and I invite each of you to learn as much as you can to protect yourself!! Search the web, read multiple posts, in order to get a new insight from different perspectives, because this is our time to learn, not burn!!


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