Day 55 Narcissist “Love” Feed on Adult Separation Anxiety!

Day 55

I have always thought of separation anxiety as younger person affliction. Children-infants experience separation anxiety when they lose sight of their primary caregivers (mother-father). I had never really thought of it as an adult affliction.  Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder according to  An article written by Mike:

”Separation Anxiety Disorder is well recognized as a juvenile psychiatric disorder, but it appears to be rarely diagnosed in adulthood.{{1}} It has traditionally been characterized and assessed as a disorder that is unique to childhood. Yet the core symptoms of Separation Anxiety — excessive and often disabling distress when faced with actual or perceived separation from major attachment figures — may persist or even arise during adulthood.{{2}}

Fifteen years ago Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder (ASAD) did not exist, at least as far as the psychiatric community was concerned. ASAD has only been recognized as a specific mental disorder since the late 90’s, with the pioneering work of Vijaya Manicavasagar of the Psychiatry Research and Teaching Unit, Liverpool Hospital, New South Wales, Australia. He said in 1997 that:{{3}}

[A]dults may experience: wide-ranging separation anxiety symptoms, such as extreme anxiety and fear, when separated from major attachment figures; avoidance of being alone; and fears that harm will befall those close to them. … Separation anxiety disorder may be a neglected diagnosis in adulthood.

Katherine Shear, M.D. is a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and the lead investigator of an important new study. She finds recent research setting ASAD apart from childhood Separation Anxiety Disorder unsurprising. She says:{{4}}

Our group in Pittsburgh, as well as colleagues in Australia and in Italy, has observed adult separation anxiety disorder in clinical populations for a number of years now. It is clear that this is an identifiable syndrome.

Just what is Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

Separation Anxiety Disorder is a psychological condition in which an individual has excessive Anxiety regarding separation from places or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment. In children, the strong emotional attachment is likely to a parent; in Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder, the attachment might be to a spouse or friend.”

So is separation anxiety part of the root narcissistic problem? Are narcissist able to identify this characteristic and worsen it by rejecting, disappearing?  If some of this rings true, as it did for me what can I do? As we spoke about in other blogs, self-parenting! Identify the fear. Once identified, allow the more mature part of myself to usher me out of the place where the panic of separation begins!

Day 55 Your Assignment

Adult separation anxiety is worth investigating and see if any of what you have read her rings true for you.

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