Day 63 The Speed Bag and Rediscovered Life!

Day 63

When I first joined the local boxing gym almost a year ago, I was overwhelmed by the investment of sweat equity required to make it through a class. How was I going to manage the twice a day work outs that I had just committed myself to do for the next 90 days?? I had always worked out in the morning, and continue to this day to working out with my morning workout buddies, but the idea of NIGHT TIME- had its own internal stigma for me as I was almost paranoid about leaving my house in the evenings.  It was as if waiting at home was my job, some might ask waiting for what …and in truth I am not sure of the answer.  What I do know is that it took a Herculean effort on my part to leave my home five nights week! The boxing gym was one of those old school gyms, rock music far loader than would ever fly in my local gyms.  Replete with hanging bags; big and small, a boxing ring, ropes and myriad of strange equipment all very intimidating for a girl who thought spinning class was a challenge.  One bag, in particular, was the speed bag.   For anyone who has ever watched any kind of boxing movie, the speed bag is that little bag that boxers with a poetic ease seem to be able to rhythmically hit while chatting about the local news! NOT for me, the speed bag was one of those challenges that reminded me that learning a new skill set, can SUCK! Time and again my hits were met with an unresponsive almost clumsy resolve. There were times I avoided the bag altogether.  Then one day… (almost a year later) I began to find a rhythm, at first slow, and then little by little I became stronger!  It seemed, the better I felt about myself, the easier that speed bag became.  I am not suggesting that there is any magic in the speed bag, but learning something new is charmed!!  So there is a magic in learning something new even though it may not be easy, takes time and sticking with at least for me broadens your life and replaces old bad habits with more positive self image.

Day 63 Your assignment

The world is filled with unique and interesting options. The library has an array of books well outside of each of our comfort zones. Challenge yourself! Make this a time to discover new things! Push yourself, there are local book clubs, knitting groups, gyms, garden clubs, quilting circles, volunteering at a local museum, hospital, place of worship. Find ways to make your narrative interesting and fun!!


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