Day 65 Life is a Contact Sport…There is Always the Risk of Getting Hurt, However, the Healthy Mind Adapts!

Day 65

In this past year, I have discovered many things about myself, my choices, as well as those of you equally committed to exiting narcissistic space.  Thank you!  The shared experiences, struggles and insights from each person has helped me to understand that I am not alone, and I find that there is power in that understanding.   Still with all this company, one of the most ironic things I have come to really see it that no one is going to do if for me! Healing is a very individual experience.  Sometimes I think it is almost a choice. Let me clarify, healing is more like an opportunity.  Hurt, while I wish I never had the experience, offers opportunity for growth, it a catalyst for change.  I would never wish ill, misfortune, or heartbreak unto myself or anyone else, yet these things are all part of the human experience. I have come to realize that even under siege the mind has the ability adapts.  The mind says…I am not satisfied here and so I need to move on in another direction.  The healthy mind does not cling to broken promises or broken people, the mind is always evolving into the best version of itself!  This is the power of self-love and self-preservation!

You Assignment

Think about an “ideal” way that you see yourself making some kind of a positive change in your life. Say for example I want to read a book a week, imagine yourself at the end of the month with the four best sellers you just read.  Now go to the local library and find one book that you think you could finish in one week. See the end result and work back from the end!


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