Day 67 You Have to be in Full Attendance on the Road to A Better You!!

Day 67

When I became more in touch with the kind of person I wanted to be, I had to leave many habits behind.  If someone had told me a year ago that I would be out of my home participating in a fighting gym five nights a week, blogging and working to finish long term self-directed projects I would have asked “WHO ME???”  Through my challenges and growth this has become me, a better me!  A me filled with joy and in full attendance whether at church or boxing, working out, or writing! This was not always me. I spent far too many years in some kind of twilight.  I cannot blame my narcissist for the twilight sleep walk of my life!  While I can be angry about the years I lost with my narcissist, I can also be grateful.  Because I am recovering the life he would have so easily stole.   One of the best things that came out of boxing is the unyielding discipline that draws a person into the fully present.  If you spar, you have no choice but to be fully in the moment. I think it is one of the reasons I became so enamored by the sport.  Like it or not you are held to task in the moment and it is truly exhilarating!

Day 67 Your Assignment

Try to keep yourself in the now for three minutes…this is the amount of time boxers use for one full round.  Keep your thoughts in the present, even if it is just describing mentally the walls in your room, office or backyard.  Breath deep and enjoy your three minute round with the present!


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