Day 90 Perfect and Improving- On Moving On!

Day 90

So the detour from my originally planned 90 day journey to almost a year and half (so far) to complete these 90 posts has been well worth the trip.  I would have never thought to say it in the beginning, however, what began as the end of bad soul-crushing relationship, turned out to be one of the best adventures in my life.  In the past months, I learned so much about trauma, both mine and his, and in the process of that, discovered that the world while a tough neighborhood, can also be good and loving place.  I understand that in all my time of feeling alone, (just like you) I am not alone! There are amazing safety nets that appear the moment you look for it!  Help and support manifests in the most unexpected and beautiful turns in the road.  Recovery is a process, and not an easy one.  It begins with the understanding of who you are, ending with the knowing of who you choose to become.  Committing to that process of “becoming” is the most valuable part of the lessons learned.  Learning to renegotiate the negative narratives that drive behavior while becoming your own best friend is a challenging, but the only way out of the narcissist’s hunting ground.  Recently, Time magazine touted a cover that reported “TRUTH IS DEAD,” in a sermon at my church last Sunday, the Father explained that it is not truth that died, it is humanity that is dead to the truth.  It is in the discovery of our own truth that gives us the ability to move forward!! I have no choice but to continue writing for the next 90 days.

Your Assignment

You are perfect and improving-the first 90 days are just as important as the next 90 days!


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