Day 92 Finding Your Purpose (Outside of Relationship Dependency) is a Purpose!

Day 92

If you can’t identify your purpose, then finding a purpose is a or should be your purpose!  The ache for companionship is real.  It can be awkward, debilitating and frustrating when failed connections are the only ones that seem to manifest.  The feeling of being left out of this game can be distracting when trying to discover your purpose. However, be strong!  Do not allow yourself to be distracted. Your life’s ambition and your life’s work needs to your focus.  It is easy to get lost in the hunt for some ideal relationship, especially when you have never really had a good connection, but this can be a trap for people who overly focus on a relationship. It is a kind of cruel twist of nature that people with intimacy issues, really hunger for intimacy and in and of itself this hunger makes them a less desirable.  This neediness trap can be very difficult cycle to get out of and it is ideal narcissist prey!  As for purpose, your purpose has got to your own, it cannot be an extension of another.  Get to know yourself. Understand what makes YOU happy or what will make you happy.  This might require some research.  For example go to the local library and spend some time identifying things that interest you (–outside of relationships-).  Try to think of all aspects of your life and or personality; for example physical, emotional, financial and spiritual as an example now make small goals for improvement in one or two.  Find a hobby, learn a language or start playing an instrument all of this while you are searching for your life’s purpose and that is a purpose!  Once you have identified your purpose, it is easy to move forward.  Well at least to move forward with a greater ease and not just fixated on a personal struggles… Free from relationship dependency, you are far more likely to find both your purpose and ironically meet people that will share in YOUR interests.  Each of us are beautiful and unique.  No two people are the same.  Find your beautiful and unique purpose, and the narcissists around you should find you less interesting!

Day 92 Your Assignment

Start thinking about your purpose.  Go to the local library and begin your research.  Think of it as like finding a beautiful lost work of art.  The busier you are, the more interesting you become, the less interesting you become to the narcissist!


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