Day 96 Friendship is NOT a Fallback Position!

Day 96


Friendships, like all relationships are not fall back positions.  Friendships, relationships are earned –won and lost with every exchange. There is no such thing as we can always just remain friends.  Every exchange is an opportunity to move forward or move back.  Since I began my journey, in some ways regarding all relationships it has been two steps forward and one step back. It is difficult to erase a life time of behaviors and predispositions.  I have cultivated and lost many friendships based on old narratives.  Old narratives remind me that my needs are not important.  I should try harder to get along.  Why risk controversy? Why upset the applecart?  Narcissist cause all kinds of mind-twisting drama then ask why can’t we all get along?  It is important to be able to discern between my own attention seeking behaviors and those same behaviors from others.  Friendships require energy, patience and understanding.

Day 96 Your Assignment

Learning to use your resources wisely.


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