Day 96 It is Worth Repeating- Keep on With Commitment, Learning and Disciplined!

Day 96

While I have expressed the same sentiment about learning and discipline, in many of the past blog posts, it is worth repeating.  As I repeat these thoughts, I also find myself recommitting to that same learning and discipline that has helped me escape much of the old thinking.  Old thinking that translated into old habits, landed me inside the narcissistic space in the first place; and is still something I battle.  As I move out of the narcissistic head space, I realize that letting go of “old” habits requires embracing new habits.  New habits come from new learning experiences.  New habits come from re commitment to discipline that requires letting go of old habits and learning new ones.  You might think this is a walk in the park, but if we look at addiction as a model, only 2.5% of addicts will actually make lasting changes.  According to AA that translated into 1 out of 100 will stay clean!  So moving away from destructive habits, no matter how personally catastrophic requires commitment, learning and discipline.  There are books, videos, classes and groups that are free or cost very little to join.  Learning new things is important.  However, keeping myself out of stress free and drama free relationships still remains a little trickery.  This too is a question of commitment, learning and discipline.   It is easy to excuse situations.  It is easy to justify bad behaviors.  It is far more difficult for me to remove myself from these elements as so much of my life I have cultivated these kinds of connections.  I find that keeping true to myself is often lonely, however I have to believe that it is only a matter of time before I find my like waters!

Day 96

Stay strong! Commitment to learning and discipline is a clear road out of the narcissistic head space!!


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